Not Rating Sam Smith’s New Bond Theme? Maybe These Five Willing Artists Could Have Done Better

So, it’s finally arrived. After endless speculation as to who would land the much sought after Bond theme contract for forthcoming film Spectre, Sam Smith emerged victorious and, today, unveiled ‘Writing’s On The Wall’.

Full of textbook sweeping strings and soaring crescendos, it’s so classic Bond you can basically see a sexy silhouette in a circle dancing its way past you. Is this a good thing, however, or a case of predictably phoning it in? The pendulum of the internet has been swinging both ways. But if you’re on the thumbs down side, then maybe there are some overlooked people who could have done it better?

These five artists all volunteered their services to Bond HQ but didn’t seal the deal. Do you reckon any of them could have trumped Smith’s offering?


Noel Gallagher
“I would do it if I was asked. I would do it in a heartbeat,” said Noel back in March. “And I could do it and it would be great, but I’m not a star and for that you have to be a big star. You have to be someone in America.” True to an extent, but Noel’s got as much star power on these shores as 2007 Bond theme auteur and co-singer Jack White. If you want the antithesis of Sam Smith, then Gallagher’s your boy and lord knows the man knows how to write a hit.

Back in 2012, Muse drummer Dom Howard said that ‘Supremacy’ – taken from LP ‘The 2nd Law’ – had “a Bond vibe” and should have been used as the theme to Skyfall. Having released new album ‘Drones’ in the same year as Spectre, maybe the powers that be missed a trick for a second time. Rather than Bond-by-numbers strings, why not have an apocalyptic take down of the government?

Ed Sheeran
“I’d love to do a James Bond song, but can you imagine it? I just wasn’t born with the James Bond voice,” said Ed Sheeran in December. True, but maybe mixing things up a bit is exactly what needs to happen to stop the Bond theme franchise from turning into a caricature of itself. Maybe Sheeran’s not the most exciting choice to do said mixing, but his star power would have appealed worldwide.

Kanye West
Kanye didn’t quite offer himself up for Bond (although we’re certain he has absolutely no qualms as to whether he could take on the challenge), but instead was nominated by ’80s icons Duran Duran. “I think Kanye would do a great job of taking it down a different avenue,” said drummer Roger Taylor. Never one to tread the path most commonly trodden, Kanye would surely come up with a mighty Bond curveball. Hurry up with my damn Martini!

Alex Turner
In 2011, Arctic Monkeys main man Alex Turner said that he’d “love to do a tune for Bond. Definitely” and the fact that his offer hasn’t been taken up is a tragedy. For anyone acquainted with Turner’s solo soundtrack to Submarine, you’ll know the singer’s way with a string section and as for bringing an old institution into the modern musical world, we can think of none better than Alex’s lyrical nuance and melodic style.