Notes From The Underground – Converge Takeover: Ben Koller’s True Love

So the tour with Mastodon, High on Fire and Dethklok has been nothing short of amazing so far. But enough of that, let’s talk about this year’s main event in the world series of poker. I just caught up on the last few episodes on ESPN in the van today and I am so unbelievably pleased that so many pros are still in it to win it. After all, who wants to watch a bunch of unknown amateur poker bums and gamblers stumble their way through unnecessary preflop shoves and gratuitous victory fist pumps? The real joy for me is watching the pros.

Unfortunately there was way too much poker press circulating around in the past few months to dodge the spoiler that Phil Ivey had made the November nine. Especially when I open my full tilt poker software client and they fly a big banner across the top that reads “Congratulations Phil Ivey.” I think the last episode I watched had around 200 players left with payouts increasing up to about 40k. Joe Hachem and Peter Eastgate playing at the same table? Phil Ivey surviving some roller coaster chip swings and now back at big stack? I think I even saw J.C. Tran and Pralad Friedman still squandering a few chips on the felt. There is no excuse for a pro not to win at this point. If the number of pros left can’t take on a meager field of 200 then the poker gods are truly sicker than anyone could imagine.

The caliber of play has been amazing these past few episodes, with the pros truly schooling the amateurs that have somehow crawled into the money and are still relying on pure luck to have made it this far. I think I’m going to have to go with Norman Chad on this one and put my money on Phil Ivey. This dude is at the top of his game with impeccable reads and near-perfect play. Let’s just hope his bad luck at WPT final tables doesn’t translate into the main event too. November can’t come any sooner! Well, time to tune some drums and then hit up the full tilt tables!