Notes From The Underground – Free Lewd Acts MP3

WOAAARGH. Bonjour, douchebag. Time to get lewd.

OK, sorry for that overly aggressive intro: but Lewd Acts from California kinda bring that out in me and make me used words like PUMPED and PSYCHED and GRRRR. If you want some of that hardcore spirit just click below to download ‘Nightcrawlers’ from their new ‘Black Eye Blues’ record.

Even though they’re taking great pains to eschew all punk and hardcore influences post-1988, it’s not in an elitist way – more like, ‘This shit rules, let’s rock out and pay some homage in the process’. Plus there’s that throat-shredding gruffness that you’d normally find in the Midwestern canon (the likes of The Lawrence Arms, North Lincoln etc as well as Milloy and The Dauntless Elite from these shores) on top of the frantic double-time assault that just makes it a really bloody good record.

Lewd Acts are about to tour over here with Gold Kids (starting August 30 in Wycombe), so check them out. Or, stay at home and order their record. Either’s good. Or do one then the other. Your call, man.

You can buy it direct from Deathwish right here, which you should do because DW are an awesome hardcore label – sod giving an extra few quid to some faceless retailer, the only way good music’ll survive is if people chuck ’em their pennies now and then.

Download Lewd Acts‘Nightcrawlers’ here