Notes From The Underground – Happy Meet Me In St Louis Day, Here’s Their Entire Album Free

Yup, it’s the delightfully arbitrary Meet Me In St Louis Day – and to celebrate we’re giving you their entire debut album to download. For free. Zero pence. That’s a whole record of legendary post-hardcore for you to right-click-and-save and then sit around wondering why you never went to see them while they were alive. Seriously, this is AWESOMESKILLS.

And here’s BSM Records’ honcho Kevin to say just why MMISL were so important, and why you should get involved by downloading their album.

“As a record label owner I’m not allowed to have favourites. It’s wrong like a parent saying their son is better than their daughter, even when said son is the captain of the highschool football team whilst the girl is, well, you know, nice. Meet Me In St Louis made it difficult to be a good father.

“From the moment I first saw them play (in Lithuania, bizarrely) I was in love. The complex rhythms, the hooks, the flailing limbs and the ‘how does he fit words to this music?!’ vocals; they had it all. Every new song was somehow better than the last and the rest of the world started to fall the same way I did back on that cold October evening in Eastern Europe. On September 24th 2007 our two years of hard work was complete; ‘Variations On Swing’, the bands incredible debut – and unfortunately, only – album was released.

“But like so many stories before it, this one didn’t enjoy a happy ending. The following 6 months were difficult eventually ending with Toby (vocals) departing. Despite plugging on for a final tour as an instrumental band, MMISL called it a day in February 2008.

“To celebrate their all too brief life, we now celebrate MMISL Day every 24th September. A day when fans everywhere are advised to dig out the album, crank it up to 11 and pay their respects to a sorely-missed band.

Join us.”


Right-click and Save-As to download Meet Me In St Louis‘s entire debut – and only! – record ‘Variations On Swing’ here