Notes From The Underground – Holy Roar Records Fucks Up Holy State, Offers Free MP3 To Apologise

Holy Roar Records has now been operational, at least in some capacity, since early 2006. We started releasing music in July 2006 and as I type this it is Monday 19th October 2009 and we have 37 releases under our belts. Apart from the odd tiny typo, or slight change in colour to a packaging or vinyl, we have never fucked up the audio or presentation of our releases. Hell it should be obvious that we are meticulous about this shit if you look through the presentation and quality of our releases! I’m hoping that comes across more as fact, rather than arrogance.

On Saturday 17th October 2009 at approximately 5.45pm I was sat in Soho’s premier hardcore hangout (aka Bodeans BBQ) chowing down on a sweet combination of chicken wings, blue cheese sauce and a Soho Special (just go look that one up yourself – with Betty Pariso bassist Peter in tow. I was totally high on endorphins and sleep deprivation from a ridiculous Friday night/Saturday morning. My phone rings. It’s Max, the drummer from Holy State.

“This better be a social call Max,” says I, firm believer in a work life balance wherever possible. “It would be if you hadn’t pressed the demo version of ‘Urges’ on our split seven-inch picture disc with Pulled Apart By Horses.” My jaw dropped and a mushy combination of BBQ food rolled from my mouth. FUCK.

It’s one of those hideous situations where there is almost nothing you can do. The 500 7”s are pressed and out there and we are, frankly, too small a label to recall them where we can and repress it. It’s just not viable. All I can do is grovel and offer my profuse apologies to Holy State. I was fully aware that this was a version recorded live that was essentially a collection of ideas at that point, yet there it was sat on my computer next to the real fully recorded version and I can only assume human error got the best of me. I guess it happens to us all at some point surely? Yes? Agree with me here? Please?


I guess the nerds out there will lap this up. The demo version will never appear anywhere other than on the vinyl. There will never be a digital file of it. Small recompense for all though perhaps – If you buy the seven-inch from Holy Roar you get the brand new single from Pulled Apart By Horses, this mishap of the ‘Urges’ demo version from Holy State and you get emailed mp3s of the PROPER version of ‘Urges’ as well as the PABH track.

Or, as way of a sorry to Holy State themselves, if you just wish to hear the real version of ‘Urges’ here it is, hosted by for one week only as a free download.

Right-click and save-as to download Holy State‘s ‘Urges’here.