Notes From The Underground – Our Time Down Here

Yes, yes and thrice yes: Our Time Down Here‘s new album is days away, and if there’s a finer UK hardcore album released this year then I’d really, really really like to hear it.

Like, seriously. It owns.

It’s called ‘Live. Love. Let Go’ and it’s supremely good melodic hardcore, very much in the vein of yer Lifetimes or yer Kid Dynamites, and now that The Steal have called it a day (which is happening tonight, in fact) we need a good, honest punk rock band more than ever who’ll cut through the scene bullshit and just… play.

And that’s them.


Here’s ‘Verse Vica’ for a free download – if you like it, which you most probably will because it’s AWESOME, then go straight to Banquet Records to buy it. What’s more, if you buy it from that link you’ll also get two free tickets to the release show at Bacchus in Kingston on October 21. And while you’re there, buy a bunch of other stuff from them. Because they too are ace.

Download Our Time Down Here‘s ‘Verse Vica’ here