Notes From The Underground: Propagandhi’s Exclusive Mixtape

To celebrate Propagandhi’s UK tour with Strike Anywhere I asked the band to make a mixtape for you guys, so here it is: each band member made some choices and links and videos are posted so you can, y’know, click along…

Chris Hannah
Black Sabbath – ‘A National Acrobat’: I’ll keep my selections British. Punk rockers don’t like Black Sabbath, but that’s because punk rockers are morons.

Raven – ‘Hung, Drawn And Quartered’: Forget ‘Maiden. Nevermind ‘Priest. The best British power metal band of the early ’80s was Raven. Then ‘Powerslave’ came out, Raven got signed to a major label, hired a hairstylist and the balance of power changed.

Venom – ‘Satanachist’: do i really need to explain this one to the people of England? Please, that would be like a Brit trying to explain Wayne Gretzky to me.

Black Widow – Come to the Sabbat: see explanation for Venom. Repeat.

Todd Kowalski
Sacrifice – ‘Hiroshima’: Canada’s greatest thrash band! They’re back and as great as ever. We’re playing with them November 7th. It’s a dream come true for us.

Dobet Gnahore – ‘Palea’: This song “Palea” by Dobet Gnahore from Cote D’ivoire is one of my favorite non-heavy songs in the world. How on earth can someone sing so amazingly?

SNFU – ‘Misfortune’: SNFU was the best live band! This video of of them playing Winnipeg in the mid ’80s. It’s nuts They used to play Winnipeg and Regina, where we’re from, a few times a year.

Jord Samolesky
Rush – ‘Spirit Of Radio’: One of the best CDN bands of all time. I’ve loved this song since i first heard it many, many, many moons ago.

DOA – ‘The Enemy’: First punk band I ever saw. A few friends and I ‘tried’ to play this at our high school at a student assembly meeting in 1985. we were called Ditchpig… haha… here they are playing in Leeds in 1984.

SNFU – ‘Black Cloud’: One of the best live bands ever. May explain why I have a black cloud over my head monday-saturday. Our buddy Ted Sims rocks the drums here.

David ‘Beaver’ Guillas
Getachew Mekuria & The Ex & Guests – ‘Che Belew Shellela’: Master saxophonist from Ethiopia and the masters of banging guitars with screwdrivers from the Netherlands. I was actually at this show–best show I’ve seen this year by far.

Nomeansno – ‘Small Parts Isolated And Destroyed’: Great song by the best band you’ve ever heard.

Voivod – ‘Psychic Vacuum’: Best intro to any song ever from the other best band you’ve ever heard.