Now That’s What We Call Satire! This Band Has Recorded 32 Songs About Brexit

Is musical satire ever funny? As a rule, no, but 2016 has so far provided much to satirise, with the Tories pushing through benefits cuts so Draconian they caused even bloodless vampire Iain Duncan Smith to resign from his position as work and pensions secretary and the nation this month heading to the polls to vote on our future in the EU.

Stepping forward to pluck the low-hanging fruit are The Iain Duncan Smiths, aka musician Jonny Abrams (with help from a couple of pals), whose two new pun-tastic albums consist of Brexit-themed parodies of songs by bands such as Nirvana (here supposedly sung by Kurt Corbyn), Blur (Blair), Radiohead (Gallowaydiohead) and Morrissey (Borrissey).


The 16-track albums (quite a staggering undertaking) are called ‘Now! That’s What I Call Bremain’ and ‘Now! That’s What I Call Brexit’. Now! That’s what I call hedging your bets. Anyway, we have pro-Brexit songs such as Farage Against The Machine’s ‘Ukipping In The Name’ (“Some of those that are non-Brits / Are the same that claim benefits”) and pro-remain songs such as Kurt Corbyn’s ‘LithEUm’ (“I like EU / They protect workers’ rights / I’d miss EU / If Britain took flight”).

The Iain Duncan Smiths’ ‘Pig’s Mouth Strikes Again’ was released when rumours of alleged unpleasantness between David Cameron and pig emerged last year. There’s no dodgy pun Abrams won’t exploit for a cheap laugh, and for that we salute him.

How are you voting in Brexit? Take our EU referendum poll.


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