O. Children – Dead Eye Lover – Free MP3

O. Children; dark, doomy and evil to the no doubt rotten core. Well, what do you expect from a band who’ve named themselves after a Nick Cave track? Dead Eye Lover is the b-side to their debut single Dead Disco Dancer (we sense a theme here), and is every bit as clever-clever and scary-scary as King Cave himself, but with an added supersonic Bladerunner element and a smidgen of Satanic Joy Division.

Download O. Children’s Dead Eye Lover here (Right click and chose ‘save as’ if necessary. Please link-to don’t re-host)

It’s got a right filthy little tramp of a chorus too, which plugs into a new wave goth sound that’s just as fitting blaring on the dancefloor as it is eeking out of a battered Walkman in a darkened graveyard filled with empty bottles of cider and discarded black lace tights.