Oasis: 10 Classic Tracks No Reunion Gig Should Be Without

What with Liam’s recent quips on Twitter about Noel resembling a potato, it’s unlikely we’re about to see the Britpop kings return. But having topped every ‘dream headliner’/ ‘dream reunion’/ ‘please god just get back on a stage together again’ poll in recent memory, this one’s still the motherlode in terms of comebacks. And what fuels a comeback more than a superlative set full of crowd-unifying glory? Here are the ten tracks that we reckon Oasis would be nuts to leave out of their potential set: do you agree or have we missed out a corker?

’Live Forever’

Well, durr. ‘Live Forever’, aside from being one of the Gallaghers’ most ubiquitous calling cards, sums up the escapist beauty at the heart of the band’s best moments. Full of big, soaring melodies and lyrics that perfectly encapsulate the spirit of feeling young and invincible, it’ll unite every single person in the venue in four and a half minute of ultimate us-against-the-world fantasy.



Grab a gin and tonic, swagger down to the front of the crowd and feel like the king of the universe. Massive, growling riffs? Check. Sing-a-long chorus? Check. Slightly convoluted lyrics about Elsa drinking Alka Seltzer? Check. How much do we want it? A whole lot actually, cheers Liam.


The B-Side to single ‘Some Might Say’, ‘Acquiesce’ comes out all guns blazing with the fire of a group of young upstarts who know they’re onto something good. Plus, after years of sibling tiffs, is there anyone who wouldn’t crack a little smile at its chorus? All together now… “’Cos we neeed each other/ We belieeeve in one another”…


’Stop Crying Your Heart Out’

Because there always has to be a pause for mass reflection in any classic set, here comes ‘Stop Crying Your Heart Out’ to give the couples time to have a pissed-up smooch and the rest of us a chance to bawl into the ether. And you thought the Gallaghers weren’t the emotional types…

’Cigarettes and Alcohol’

The smoky fug of pre-2007 gig venues may be but a distant memory, but few songs bring back the spirit of those restriction-free evenings like this. An anthem to getting leathered and living it up, it’s the perfect ‘fuck the man’ song to howl when the perils of Monday morning seem a whole lifetime away. 10 bonus points if you’re in the sunsheeeiiiinnne while doing it.

’Champagne Supernova’

Throw your arm round the shoulder of your nearest and dearest, put your lighters in the air and get ready to sniff back a little tear. Potentially the Gallaghers’ most affecting offering, ‘Champagne Supernova’ is a slice of wistful nostalgia that’ll have even more resonance second time around. Where were YOU when we were getting high?

’Don’t Look Back In Anger’

One of the Oasis tracks that’s still a mainstay in Noel’s own sets, the likelihood of ‘Don’t Look Back…’ being omitted is about as high as Noel and Liam giving an interview where they say that everything in Camp Gallagher is actually just dandy, thank you very much. That doesn’t mean it’s any less enticing a prospect, though. Imagine standing in the middle of tens of thousands of people in Pilton, all simultaneously roaring this one… You can almost taste it.

’She’s Electric’

A jangling slice of feel-good vibes topped off with one of Liam’s crowning vocal performances (and some classic Oasis nonsense lyrics), this ‘(What’s The Story)…’ cut is the work of a band at their peak – knocking out tracks that sound utterly, fantastically effortless.


Officially the highest-selling Oasis track, racking up more than 1.2 million sales, ‘Wonderwall’ is one of those tracks that even your Gran probably knows all the words to. Put it back in its rightful place on stage and there won’t be a soul staying silent.

’I Am The Walrus’

Yeah, yeah, we know it’s not actually an Oasis track, but the band have used The Beatles’ abstract classic as their set-closer for so long, they’ve basically taken over the baton. This one should close their return in traditionally epic fashion. Goo goo g’joob.