Five Laugh Out Loud Moments From BBC’s ‘Oasis In Their Own Words’ Documentary

Supersonic isn’t the only Oasis documentary coming out this year. The BBC’s own effort, Oasis In Their Own Words, airs this Friday (BBC iPlayer, September 30) and tells the band’s tumultuous story via interview clips and old TV footage. As you’d expect from anything involving the Gallagher brothers, it’s funny, expletive-filled (even if they do bleep it all out) and rife with attitude. Here are the five funniest moments.

Liam on his and Noel’s relationship

It’s an extremely well-documented fact that Liam and Noel very rarely see eye to eye, even when they were still in a band together. In an early interview, Liam comments on that fact, telling the interviewer “We’re having a good run at the moment. We haven’t argued for about a day.”

Liam on how he derailed the original idea for the ‘Some Might Say’ video

Oasis were always a band who did what they wanted on their own terms. So when the idea for the proposed ‘Some Might Say’ video didn’t take Liam’s fancy, he just decided to sack it all off. As he says in the doc, he wasn’t “paying someone £30,000 for me to sit in a truck stop and eat eggs, bacon and beans, so I didn’t get out of bed that morning”.


Noel’s impression of a hippie

In the middle of a bit talking about their rock’n’roll reputation, things cut to Noel, stony-faced. “I don’t walk around in a velvet waistcoat with a diagram of the universe on the back with a joss stick hanging out me nose going, ‘Oh wow mate, hole in my shoe’, and all that”.

Liam on the art if ‘aving it

If you were given a load of dosh in your twenties, like Oasis were, what would you do? Spend and save wisely, or go out and have the best time ever? Liam responds to criticism of him doing the latter by reasoning: “24 years of age, got a load of money – what do you want me to do, clip my toenails and pick my nose all day? Got to go out and ‘ave it, ain’t ya? Cos you’d ‘ave it, wouldn’t ya? So come on!” What a hero.

Noel looking back in acceptance

A widely acknowledged truth about Oasis is that their ‘Be Here Now’ album isn’t as good as everyone thought it was at the time. In a clip of Noel talking about the record some time after its release he admits he doesn’t think much of it. “In hindsight, we should have called it ‘Fuck It That’ll Do’.” Ouch.

Oasis In Their Own Words is available on BBC iPlayer from Friday.


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