Could you answer the Oasis question on BBC’s devilishly tricky quiz show ‘Only Connect’?

Test your knowledge with this little teaser

The BBC’s Only Connect aims to challenge you and your little grey cells that bit more than your average quiz. A BBC4 export to BBC2, it’s wilfully pretentious, taking its name from E.M. Forster’s Howards End.

Hosted by Victoria Coren Mitchell, the quiz asks contestants to figure out the connection between four seemingly unconnected clues, selected by first choosing a hieroglyph from the board. That you have to know what the hieroglyphs are called to start with (if you asked for “the one that looks like a friendship bracelet” instead of “twisted flax” you’d probably be mocked mercilessly) tells you straight away what kind of level the show’s at.

But last night (December 12), the teams – the Part-Time Poets and the Surrealists – were treated to a little Oasis-related quizzery. From behind the water hieroglyph, they were presented with the clues “Liam Gallagher (guitar): Roll With It”, “A ventriloquist’s dummy (vocals): Lonely This Christmas”, “John Peel (mandolin): Maggie May)” and “Nobody (nothing): first 1:20 of Martha’s Harbour”.


Can you figure out what links the four? It took the teams a little while, so don’t be disheartened if you don’t get it straight away. We’ll give you a hint – it concerns an old BBC TV show. Got it yet? If not, let us put you out of your misery.

The answer, you might have worked out, is that they all mimed during performances of the songs noted in the clues on the sadly now-defunct Top Of The Pops. Spare a thought for All About Eve, who probably didn’t intend to mime, but couldn’t hear their track ‘Martha’s Harbour’ come in and, thus, were forced to, according to Coren Mitchell.

Watch the full episode on BBC iPlayer.