Oasis, The Gaslight Anthem, Robyn – this week’s new albums rated

NME’s Reviews Editor rounds up the best albums released in the UK on June 14th. Follow the links for full reviews

Like a irritating family member, it’s easy to forget sometimes what we love about Oasis. There couldn’t be a better way to remind us of their good qualities than their singles comp ‘Time Flies… 1994-2009’.

Dancefloor despair queen Robyn has really cornered the market in big-hearted smart-witted pop songs in recent years; she may not always be on target, but when her aim is true, as with recent single ‘Dancing On My Own’, from ‘Body Talk Pt 1’, better get under cover.

Balearic bloggers Delorean attempt to give chart-dance a credible edge on the blissed-out ‘Subiza’, and Mark Beaumont has at least one hand in the air.

Dan Martin’s digging Portland hipsters Dungeons And Dragons’ vibe on ‘Destroyer Of The Void’. Can you destroy a void? Such metaphyiscal conundrums go sadly unanswered.

John Doran cracks out the puns in his review of Soren Bonke’s first album of orchestral folk as Klak Tik, ‘Must We Find A Winner’. As far as we concerned, the answer to the album title’s question is ‘yes’, and Mr Bonke, you can come on down.

I have tried to like The Gaslight Anthem. I have failed. But one man who has not failed to appreciate their stirring, rabble-rousing hardcore Bossisms is Rob Parker, who if he’s not quite as thrilled with ‘American Slang’ as he was with The ’59 Sound’, still hears much greatness in it. Each to their own, and best of luck to you.

Their days of breaking boundaries might be long gone, but on their latest, ‘Further’, they can still nail a banging tune.

We Are Scientists’ first album with Razorlight’s Andy Burrows, ‘Barbara’, finds them back on ebullient, spiky and charming form after the relative disappointment of ‘Brain Thrust Mastery’.

Post-punk ziggurat-headed weirdoes Devo on the other hand, aren’t quite living up to their futuristic promise on new album ‘Something For Everybody’, giving us the feeling they’re sort of on cruise control.

Mountain Man’s charming harmonies and purest Vermont country vibes have Ben Hewitt all a-flutter on their ‘Made The Harbor’, a classy reminder that country doesn’t have to be all about plaid and beards.