‘Ocean Rain’ Versus ‘Thriller’: L.A.’s Unintentional Album Battle!

QUESTION: How could Echo & The Bunnymen ever improve upon the post-punk genius of their epic 1984 album Ocean Rain?

ANSWER: Perform it in its entirety with a full orchestra, of course.

QUESTION #2: How could Echo & The Bunnymen ever improve upon the post-post-punk genius of an orchrestral Ocean Rain?

ANSWER #2: Perform it while a record-setting number of zombie dancers traipse leadfootedly in the Nokia Plaza courtyard, staging a re-enactment tribute of the Michael Jackson “Thriller” dance. Duh!

Yes, after debuting their orchestral Ocean Rain revue at the Royal Albert Hall last September and subsequently staging similar shows in New York and Liverpool, Ian McCulloch and his cohorts finally brought the show to the West Coast this week, with concerts in Oakland and Los Angeles. And Saturday’s Ocean Rain show at L.A.’s Nokia Theater ended up being one of the oddest unintentional ’80s-nostalgia mashups ever, as Jacko fans in shoulderpadded red leather biker jackets and monster makeup shamon’d out in the Plaza at “Thrill The World” (an event to establish the world record for the biggest global execution of the late King Of Pop’s iconic, zombie-rific “Thriller” video), and Bunnymen fans in long black trenchcoats and pasty pancake grooved somberly to crashing-and-swelling, majestically symphonic Echo classics.

But either way, it was truly a magical night of musical resurrection for all comers. Only in L.A.!

Enjoy this amateur mashup here: