Odd Future, ‘Rella’ – Track Review

No danger of hip-hop’s most wanted dialing anything down as they enter Act II of their assault on all that is supposedly decent.

A video where stormtrooper jizz turns women into cats; Tyler as a wig-wearing centaur firing industrial quantities of cocaine out of his nose; and… girls getting punched in the face. People are going to talk, and that, more than anything feels like the point, as Tyler, Hodgy Beats and Domo Genesis swap verses on a similar mission to generate as much controversy as possible.


Left Brain comes on with a battering-squelch of a backing track, which, while there’s little doubt that this is one of the most thumping thing OFWGKTA have put their various names to, it’s certainly not the song that’s going to catapult them out into anything approaching the mainstream. Which is probably the point, but as the first big cut from a record taking aim at breakthrough, you also wonder how long they’re going to be able to stay this hot for.

Incidentallty, UrbanDictionary’s top entry for ‘Rella’ is, “A nickname for a person, typically a girl, who does crazy things and feels no shame. If two rellas are together, there is bound to be twice the insanity, and scandalous acts will take place.” Delightful. But on the evidence of this, there’s an uncomfortable feeling of ‘all special effects, no knickers’.