Old People Rock Harder Than Young People

Hi, I’m Chris Hannah from Propagandhi – and welcome to our takeover of Notes From The Underground. I and my bandmates will be posting throughout the day on a range of topics from whaling and Bad Brains to our fabourite podcasts in honour of our new album ‘Supporting Caste’.

We have a song on our new record called ‘The Banger’s Embrace’. It’s about a Canadian band called Sacrifice that we’ve loved since we were 15. For a rudimentary sonic reference point, think a composite of Dark Angel, Death and ‘Ride the Lightning’-era Metallica augmented with the strongest elements of Mercyful Fate, Trouble and Sabbath.

Sacrifice (below, playing ‘Turn In Your Grave’ in Detroit in 1987) played a reunion show in 2006 that we travelled to see and that the song is based on. It ranks high on my list of best shows I’ve ever seen, which is as follows…

1) Metallica – Pantages Playhouse, Winnipeg, 1986
2) Sacrifice – The Opera House, Toronto, 2006
3) Sacrifice – The Rendezvous, Winnipeg 1989
4) Corrosion of Conformity – Punk Douglas, Winnipeg, 1987
5) Rush – Winnipeg, 2008
6) Iron Maiden/ Twisted Sister – Winnipeg Arena, 1984
7) SNFU – The Cauldron, Winnipeg, 1988
8) Razor/ Voivod – The Docks, Toronto, 2000
9) No Means No/ The Ex – The Pyramid, Winnipeg, 1989
10) Government Issue – The Cauldron, Winnipeg, 1987

Sacrifice have a new record coming out this year. I’ve heard some of the rough mixes while on the road and i can honestly say that it’s as powerful and compelling as anything they’ve ever committed to tape in their 25-year history. In one fell swoop it takes me back to the magical years of the mid-’80s underground speed metal scene and catapults me into a future of untapped possibilities for loud, fast and heavy, heavy, HEAVY fucking tuneage.

I love that many of my favorite bands are making their best music in their later years, long after the passing fancy of the music media has indeed passed. Voivod continue to make gripping records. Razor still destroy. No Means No made one of the best records of their career a couple years ago. SNFU made arguably the best record of their career, ‘In The Meantime And Inbetween Time’ as their swan song. Rush did the same thing with ‘Snakes and Arrows’ last year.

As Jord’s hair gets greyer and greyer and our bodies deteriorate more and more over the years, it is our singular – and subjective – goal to follow in the footsteps of these titans of Canadian music

Young people make shitty music. And their hair looks stupid.