Olympic Closing Ceremony – Which Band Won The Twitter War?

OK, so the Olympic Closing Ceremony wasn’t to everyone’s taste – in fact one writer compared it to a “boot on Britain’s face” – but there’s no denying it had the nation glued to the telly, and to social media.

Sunday evening’s musical celebration, featuring performances by acts including Beady Eye, Muse, Take That and the Spice Girls, drew an average 22.9m to BBC1 – half a million more than saw Danny Boyle’s opening ceremony a fortnight earlier. But which artists received the best response on Twitter? The result may surprise you.

Research group Kantar produced this infographic that shows exactly which bands were most/least popular, based on real-time sentiment analysis captured throughout the event. The purple represents volume of tweets, the green signifies positive tweets, and the red negative.

The big loser on the night would appear to be George Michael, who attracted significantly more snitty comments than glowing ones. And the winner? Beady Eye, who generated more than 12,000 tweets in the first few minutes of their performance. Must admit, I’m slightly flummoxed by the result, as Liam’s rendition of ‘Wonderwall’ wasn’t exactly his finest hour. But what can you do? The stats don’t lie.