On The Road With The Vaccines – Inside This Week’s NME (Nov 19)

Step aboard The Vaccines tourbus with us as we join them on a tour of the UK’s arenas, in support of Arctic Monkeys. Well, we say “in support of”: at this point, it’s more “almost blowing them offstage”, what with those ‘What Did You Expect…’ anthems now firmly lodges in everyone everywhere’s brains. There are aftershow parties, there are confessions, there are bold statements about the future from Justin and the boys. There is even “a Bono moment”. How could there not be, really, when we’re talking about the most exciting guitar band of 2011 doing their lap of honour?

There is also the small matter of a Fannish Inquistion with Tom and Serge from Kasabian. You know, the interviews where you lot get to ask the questions, with a few thrown in from their peers. For example: Faris from the Horrors is keen to know whether they think pigs can swim. Elsewhere there is a rundown of Mr Meighan’s Top Five cartoons of all time. And yes, one of them does feature a dinosaur.

And then there’s The Ting Tings, who have been away for a while. Skipping around Europe frittering away the ‘That’s Not My Name’ millions on a second album that no-one, not even their record label has heard yet. But you know what? We’ve got a feeling it’s gonna be interesting.

Plus there’s The Libertines film launch in Scandanavia, featuring the company of Carl Barat and John Hassall. Which, as you can imagine, is both revealing and fun.

All that, and a load of other stuff, including a load of classic punk rock posters, on the road with Katy B, the Jay-Z/Kanye face off and loads more.

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