One Of The ‘Stranger Things’ Kids Goes Missing Again In The Satanic New Video From Panic! At The Disco

Those Stranger Things kids have been everywhere since the Netflix sci-fi series took over all our lives earlier this summer. Now, they’ve even infiltrated the world of emo – actor Noah Schnapp is the star of Panic! At The Disco‘s new video for their song ‘LA Devotee’.

Schnapp, you might be aware, played Will Byers, the kid who disappeared into the Upside Down in the show’s first episode. He’s gonna be an expert at playing children who get kidnapped soon, cos in this video he’s whisked away by yet more evil forces. Instead of ending up with some eel-like worm crawling down his throat, he gets strapped to a chair in a room decorated with skulls and dead animals as three witches in red capes mess about with hearts and electricity.

Brandon Urie, meanwhile, maniacally lip syncs along on screen in front of Schnapp, wide eyes and contorted face adding to the air of evil. Maybe he’s just imagining what the wealthy and glamorous people of LA might do to him if they catch wind of the song, which heavily criticises “the black magic on Mulholland Drive” and individuals who live up to the stereotype of the city’s residents.

Watch the video below.