These are the brilliant organisations championing women in music all year round

Yesterday was International Women’s Day, but there are tons of amazing groups who never take their focus from getting marginalised genders into music

Yesterday was International Women’s Day, a day celebrating the achievements of women in all industries that saw newsfeeds ignited in 24 hours of championing female talent; and the music industry was no exception.

Music Venue Trust (MVT) announcing six new female patrons, former NME cover star Megan Thee Stallion announcing her new $1 million ‘Women On Top’ fund and figures across the entertainment world spoke out to mark International Women’s Day 2021

Now it’s time to keep the energy going – and there are tons of brilliant groups who are championing getting marginalised genders into the music industry every day of the year. Here we rundown some of the amazing organisations that are doing the work to create a more equal music industry that you can support.

Girls Rock London


Who? An award-winning charity that provides music programming for women, trans and non-binary people.

What do they do? Part of the Girls Rock Camp Alliance – an “international membership network of youth-centred arts and social justice organisations” – Girls Rock London run music camps where attendees can form bands, learn instruments they’ve never played before and are taught how to write songs, all in a safe and encouraging space. These courses “demystify music-making”, as well as actively challenge the music industry’s gender inequality.

Want to get involved? Visit their website for information about future music camps, including their new ‘Connect and Create’ online course.

You can donate to Girls Rock London here


Who? The music tech initiative that aims to advance the industry’s gender balance.

What do they do? With the music tech industry currently made up of only 5 per cent women, Bristol-based social enterprise Saffron has set out to raise that figure. They run training in things like DJing and sound engineering, as well as having their own record label.


Want to get involved? Find out more about their future projects here.

You can donate to Saffron here

Women In Jazz

Who? The organisation that champions female jazz musicians.

What do they do? Only 5% of all jazz instrumentalists in the UK are female – and Women In Jazz want that to change. Through live shows, workshops masterclasses and more, they champion and nurture women in jazz. They’ve just launched ‘Uncovered’ too, a YouTube show that profiles up and coming female jazz artists.

Want to find out more? Visit their website here.



Who? A London-based collective for women and trans and/or non-binary music producers and engineers.

What do they do? Created in 2016, Omnii run workshops in all aspects of sound engineering across the country. Their intentions include aiming to “challenge and redefine expectations of audio production environments”, and to “educate and inspire women, non-binary and trans sound enthusiasts”

Want more information? Visit their website to find out more. 

You can support Omnii here

Girls Against

Who? The organisation standing up against sexual assault and harassment at live shows

What do they do? Founded in 2015, Girls Against “aim to create a conversation within the industry about sexual assault, as well as aiding discussion about other surrounding social and political issues”. They raise awareness about sexual assault at music events and their mission includes campaign for policy change and training in live venues.

Want more information? You can find it on their website.

You can support Girls against here


Who? The movement championing women in the creative industries, providing them with opportunities and platforms

What they do? Founded by multi-platinum songwriter Carla Marie Williams, GIRLS I RATE pushes for “equality, female representation and recognition in the creative industries”, by creating work opportunities, and honouring and empowering women. They’ve built the #GIRARMY – a community of over 5000 female creatives – and organise mentoring sessions, masterclasses and more.

Want more information? Visit their website for more information, and you can sign up to join the #GIRARMY here.

You can support to GIRLS I RATE here

Who? A global community of women and gender minorities from all across the music industry

What they do?’s mission is “to connect and empower underrepresented communities towards a more equitable music industry for all, one woman or gender minority at a time”. They do through events and showcases; their Alternative Power 100 Music List, and their mentoring program she.grows.

Want more information? You can find it here.

You can support here


Who? The movement empowering underrepresented gender in the music industry

What they do? Keychange is a global movement who are “working towards a total restructure of the music industry”. They do this through things like their career development programme and their gender balance pledge for music organisations (a pledge towards achieving 50% board representation of women and under-represented genders, that’s been signed by groups like PRS for Music and the Association of Independent Music (AIM)).

Want more information? Find it on their website

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