Our Predictions For Season Seven Of The Walking Dead

We've watched the long-awaited series opener. We know who Negan killed. Now what?

Season seven of The Walking Dead is finally here after one of the most nail-biting cliffhanger endings in TV history. As we get to grips with that shocking opening episode, here are some of our predictions for the series ahead.

If you’re yet to watch season seven, episode one of The Walking Dead, prepare for spoilers below.

Who did Negan kill?

We finally have an answer to the question all Walking Dead fans have been asking since spring. The opening episode saw two core characters meet their maker at the hands of uber-git Negan – Glenn and Abraham. Sniff.


There was a sticky moment where it looked like Rick was also going to have to chop Carl’s arm off to save the others, but Negan spared our protagonist that terrible task, for now.

What will it mean for Rick?

With Daryl carted off by the Saviors, Rick’s left without a ‘right-hand man’. We know that Michonne can hold her own but the rest of Rick’s troupe – pregnant and sickly Maggie, a traumatised Rosita, one-eyed Carl plus Aaron and Sasha – don’t make the best attack force. Rick is going to need some time to recoup, new allies and to build an army ready to seek revenge on Negan.

How will Daryl escape?

If it wasn’t for Daryl lashing out after Abraham’s death, Glenn would probably still be alive. Currently imprisoned by The Saviors, it’s going to take a lot for Daryl to make peace with himself over Glenn’s death. We can see him making a stealthy escape – after killing Dwight – but will his guilt let him return to Rick? We think it might take a reunion with Carol and some of her wise words for him find the strength to look Maggie in the face.

Will Maggie have her baby?

Maggie wasn’t doing too well before she witnessed her baby daddy get beaten to death so things aren’t looking great for the Glennie sprog, as it stands. That said, the gang seem determined to get her to Hilltop to seek medical help so she’s still got a chance but pregnant or otherwise, Maggie wants revenge and something tells us she’s going to get it.

Will Enid get out of the cupboard?

Imagine being stuck in a cupboard and when someone finally lets you out, everyone you know and love has been bludgeoned to death. Sucks to be you, Enid. Let’s hope she’s picked a lock with a hairpin and has run far, far away.

Who are the blokes on horses from the end of last series?

If the comics are anything to go by, the shoulder pad dude atop horse that Morgan and Carol comes across in the final episode is part of a community of people called the The Kingdom. Their leader is a bloke called Ezekiel who has a pet tiger. Season seven trailers prove this plotline will be replicated in the show which is excellent news because if there’s anything The Walking Dead is missing it’s a flippin’ tiger.

Will badass Carol come back?


Surely this whiny Carol is just a temporary blip. She needs to pull herself together pronto, stop being such a troublemaker and with her new gang of horse-bros, go and save Rick and crew from Negan’s band of barbarians.

Will we see more of Jesus?

Yes, it’s likely. We think the Hilltop crew are going to be big fixtures in season seven and Jesus’ character is far too intriguing to leave on the periphery.

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Will The Saviors get their comeuppance?

In comic-book land, The Hilltop gang, Rick’s crew and The Kingdom horse brigade all join forces against Negan and The Saviors. The recent bloody death of two of their own is bound to affect our gang of heroes more than anything they’ve faced to date – even more than these dark moments – but after some wallowing and a touch of insanity, we predict they’ll be back with a band of new allies and revenge in their bellies.