Overheard at the VO5 NME Awards 2017

The wildest, weirdest and frankly creepiest things we overheard during this year's ceremony.

The VO5 NME Awards 2017, as a bizarre melting pot of popular culture, always throws up the oddest snippets of overheard conversation, surreal Instagram posts and Twitter spats with indie stars’ parents. Here’s a few of the things our spies in the room caught wind of…


“Jules your under boob is showing in the pictures please pull The top of your dress down a little bit my love.” “That’s the point it’s fashion.” – Sunflower Bean’s Julia Cumming gives her mum, watching at home, a text lesson in style.


“I love our NME cover, it’s very Home Alone.” – Matty Healy

And the NME album of the year is…

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“Is the night tube the same price? I’ve got an Oyster card!” – Wiley to Sadiq Khan

“I’ve heard you’re a bit wild!” “I was in Ibiza!” – Laurie Slaves reminisces about their Ibiza Rocks show together with Rat Boy


“I fucking love this tune!” – Novelist during Pet Shop Boys’ ‘West End Girls’, dancing alongside Skepta


“I like your dancing…” – Skepta to Dua Lipa

Laura Palmer/NME


“There’s so much family in one room!” – BBK’s Shorty


“Don’t worry, this time two years ago we were winning world’s worst band and now look at us…” –Busted get words of encouragement from Matty Healy, who was also spotted giving them a standing ovation for presenting the Best International Band award


“What’s this guy’s name? I partied so hard with him after the Brit Awards and I can’t remember.” – Pussycat Dolls’ Ashley Roberts to an assistant after presenting Matty Healy with an award.