Pale Honey Reveal ‘Stranger Things’ Inspired Video For ‘Real Thing’

The video group's latest effort takes a hefty does of inspiration from a certain Netflix show

Stranger Things might have just hired two brand new spanking cast members for its upcoming second season – but they could have competition from Pale Honey, who are making a late audition for a role with their video for ‘Real Thing’

The Swedish duo have created a video inspired by the Netflix drama for their latest single ‘Real Thing’, which you can watch above. So how does one make a successful ode to Stranger Things? Well, you need these key things

A spooky house


Some supernatural goings-on

A dimension-crossing force

Some makeshift weaponry

And a pair of badass protagonists

And hey presto, you’ve got yourself a mighty fine video to accompany the ass-kicking new track ‘Real Thing’. Here’s what the pair had to say about the video to NME:


“Stranger Things aired when we had just finished the recordings of the song, and we completely fell in love with the series. We got the idea to let our video be a flirt to the show, since all we could think about was supernatural things and mystery when we brainstormed ideas with video producer Johan Stolpe.

“Since the song itself has a dark undertone of obsessions, we also wanted the video to follow that feeling. It was fun to act, but it was hard to be serious on set while Tuva was dressed up in her tin foil gear. We got the night shots at four in the morning, so the sun went up when we were heading home to get a few hours of sleep before meeting up and finishing the ending of the film.”

The band will play a sole UK show next week:

The Lexington, London (Oct 27)

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