Panic! At The Sisqó Debuted On US Television Last Night

Do you remember 2000? The dawning of a new millennium, where we’d only experienced one American Pie movie, laughed in the face of Y2K, and Sisqó’s ‘Thong Song’ was the official anthem for this glorious age in human history.

Equally, do you remember 2005? Tony Blair and George W. Bush were still enjoying their “special relationship”, Liverpool improbably won the Champions League, and Panic! At The Disco were writing sins, not tragedies with their still-fantastic debut album ‘A Fever You Can’t Sweat Out’.

And finally, do you remember 2016, when the forces that are Panic! At The Disco and Sisqó united on stage to perform a stunningly-nostalgic rendition of the latter’s ode to female underwear under the greatest moniker of all time, Panic At The Sisqó?


Joining forces for the US late-night chat show host Jimmy Kimmel’s “mash-up Mondays”, Panic! frontman Brendon Urie – now the sole remaining member of the original line-up – opened the performance with a seamless delivery of those bars that you remember so well (“Not just urban she likes the pop / cos she was Livin’ la Vida Loca“), before the former Celebrity Big Brother contestant cart-wheeled onto the stage to, er, very little cheers from the audience, who didn’t seem to recognise who he was.

Look, this is clearly just the beginning for Panic! At The Sisqó: the adulation, the stadium gigs, the million dollar record deals, they’re all just a small matter of time away – surely.

Here’s the performance in full – good luck getting the ‘Thong Song’ out of your head for the rest of the day.