From “Good on you!” to “What the fuck is this?” – how fans are reacting to the new Paramore album

That's what you get

When Paramore posted on Facebook about their breezy new album ‘After Laughter‘ this morning (May 12), hundreds of comments greeted the news, many of them supporting the band’s pop-tinged ’80s direction, and a few others decrying the loss of the band’s signature heavy emo sound.

After Laughter Commercial

new album After Laughter featuring Hard Times and Told You So available now. listen to it

Posted by Paramore on Thursday, May 11, 2017


On Facebook, one Javier wrote: “This album sounds like La Roux & Cindy Lauper had a baby. Horrible!‬ ‪I’ll just forget this album was ever released. Sorry, guys.

Another disgruntled fan, Kévin, wrote: “I’m really not into these 80’s pop songs. I was expecting at least one song with heavy guitar, something like ‘That’s What You Get’. Paramore is slowly turning to bands such as Maroon 5, Linkin Park or RHCP.”

Nick quite simply demanded: “What the fuck is this? Didn’t Paramore at one point like have actual guitars and drums?”

Meanwhile, fans on Twitter were doing some great meme work:


Back on Facebook, fans who like the new stuff are putting up a fight for ‘After Laughter’. Silas writes: “My favorite song is definitely ‘Pool’. I liked all of the songs, which is surprising. I love the 80’s vibe on this album. People need to stop being so butthurt because this isn’t selling out. Selling out is what Linkin Park is doing with their new album.”

Cody, a lover of reason, adds: “Jesus, can’t a band do something they love and NOT be criticized, or is that the ‘in thing’ now? Hayley, Zac and Taylor aren’t 17 anymore, they’re almost 30, so don’t expect them to put out music like ‘Riot’ anymore when they don’t feel that way. Are you same person you were 10 years ago? I bet time has changed you and they way you look at life and you now go about things differently.. this is exactly what has happened to these 3. If you wanna listen to ‘Riot’, go right ahead – no one is stopping you. They’re making music THEY love, not what we love, so for them it’s a bonus if we like it or not.”

We’ll close with the cheery vibes of Lucía: “The only part I don’t like it’s when it ends.” Agreed.