Paramore’s Hayley Williams – My Music

Pick up this week’s NME to read about Hayley Williams’ favourite records in more detail.


Right now I’m loving…
Fireworks – All I Have To Offer Is My Own Confusion
“They’re from Detroit, and they’ve just put this full-length record out. It’s so real, especially for people our age. It’s very charming, very passionate, it’s comparable to the way Get Up Kids might have made people feel.”

I wish I’d written…
Etta James – Sunday Kind Of Love
“I don’t think I’m very good at writing love songs, but every time I hear this I think, ‘Oh my gosh’.”

To make me dance…
Andrew WK – She Is Beautiful
“How am I not gonna say Andrew WK?!”

Everyone should hear…
Failure – Fantastic Planet
“A lot of people our age don’t really know Failure but we did because some of the guys have older brothers that were into them. It’s droney, it’s heavy, and the guitar tones are outrageous.”

For when I’m angry…
Deftones – Knife Party
“This song makes me pretty angry, and it helps me channel it when I do.”

A tearjerker…
Bjork – Like Someone In Love
“It’s too good, how vulnerable she sounds and her voice, but especially in that song.”

A record by a hero…
Kid Dynamite – Pacifier
“One of the lines is, ‘Let’s throw away the hate and rock tonight’. I heard that song at a particular time in our bands life when that was kind of our one wish…”