You’ll probably never see Daft Punk live, but Parcels are about as good it gets

Look, it’s time to face the facts. If you’ve never seen Daft Punk live, then your chance is probably gone. Rumours come and go, but the likelihood of The Robots donning their helmets for one more jaunt is pretty slim. Sorry, everyone.

But it’s not all despair. The French duo continue to keep giving to the world in some capacity – namely Parcels. From Australia, but now based in Berlin, the five-piece blend disco with indie sensibilities for a riotous, joyous cocktail. And they’re such an alluring live prospect, that when Daft Punk saw them live in Paris a while back, they introduced themselves and offered to produce the band in the studio. Disco-jam ‘Overnight’ was born, and the gangly band of Aussies now look set to take on the world.

That road took them to KOKO in London last week, where the band played their biggest ever show to 1,500 punters. And for a band that have barely played in the UK, that’s some feat. But a few chords in, it’s bloody obvious why.


The atmosphere from the beginning is electric. Tracks from debut EP ‘Hideout’, like ‘Myenemy’, which offers a powerful opening, and ‘Older’ the timeless indie summer-jam, whip up a raucous, glittery storm. Though as the band push forward, it’s their unreleased material which becomes a highlight.

Each sees the group embrace the meatier, dancier side that is almost certainly the key to their success. Songs regularly melt into house-heavy jams – with keyboard tricks and hand-clicking into mics aplenty. Thus from a basic set up of one guitar, one bass, two keys and drums, the group smartly maximise their ability to blast out a face-melting, stadium-ready, festival-prepped sound.

Big things are on the horizon – and though they probably won’t be climbing into a giant pyramid anytime soon – but for now, this is as about good as it gets.