Extra, Extra! Parquet Courts Release Own Newspaper To Celebrate New Album ‘Human Performance’!

Some bands use elaborate treasure hunts to tease fans before a new record (see: Arcade Fire in 2013) or some artists just don’t bother with any promo at all (see: Beyonce’s last album). Parquet Courts however have used a rather old-school method to promote their forthcoming album ‘Human Performance’.

The American indie quartet have set up their own newspaper dispensary in Bushwick, Brooklyn to distribute a very special newspaper in celebration of their new album. Included in the product are lyrics for the new album, discounts for the record, posters and more in this one of a kind promo tactic. The artwork was designed by band member Andrew Savidge and if you head down the to corner of Wyckoff Ave and Starr St in the Bushwick neighborhood of Brooklyn, New York you can go grab one yourself for 50 cents! Neat right?

Let Reddit user Sara520 who went down to the stand in Brooklyn shed some more light…

“So Rough Trade posted about this on their twitter this morning so i decided to take a look after work! inside the vending machine was two different kinds of posters and i just took one of each to not be greedy. as you can see one side has some art and some coupons for the record and for the coffee shop it was in front of, and the back has all the lyrics for the new album! and the other one was a nice little promo poster.”

Below are some pics from the same Reddit user of the one-off newspaper.