This Parrot dancing to The Beach Boys is the happiest thing you’ll see today

Or maybe, forever

Tropical birds have quite famously had a pretty big association with music. Take Iggy Pop’s delightful little Cockatoo who dances with him, trims his beard and just generally is the icon’s best pal. Delightful. Or the parrot that totally nailed Rihanna’s part in her Eminem collaboration ‘The Monster‘. And of course, returning ‘00s heroes Friendly Fires, whose second album ‘Pala’ was blazoned by a majestic, multi-colored Parrot.

So it’s no surprise then, that this cheeky little chappie went viral at the weekend. Behold, the happiest Parrot you’ve ever seen strutting along to The Beach Boys’ 1966 classic ‘Wouldn’t It Be Nice’.

It’s an old clip, but it got some new love at the weekend when Twitter user @yerisred gave it share at the weekend. It even inspired some users to recreate the video, but, y’know not quite as smooth as our pal.

Sure, there’s no real way we can tell if that Parrot is really dancing to that song. But deep down, we have all been that Parrot once in our life. Dancing with unrivalled glee, not knowing where the next step is going to take us – and obviously, absolutely having a wild time to The Beach Boys.

Prance on, Parrot.