Patrick Wolf, ‘Sundark And Riverlight’ – Exclusive Album Stream

That strange guitar-type instrument Patrick Wolf is holding in the picture below is a “Gusli”. It was given to him by a Russian fan during the 2011 protests, “moments before” the anti-gay bill was passed in St Petersburg. It’s not the only notable instrument on new album ‘Sundark And Riverlight’. Wolf also plays Peter Gabriel’s Bösendorfer Grand and the folky bodhran and hammer dulcimer.


The album is a double-CD collection of pre-recorded, acoustic versions of chosen songs from the last ten years. The ‘Sundark’ side is dark and melancholy and the ‘Riverlight’ is full of hope and lyrics about relationships. Here’s Patrick:

This project started when I realised I had reached a 10 year jubilee as a recording artist… As a songwriter I realised that some songs take on a life of their own once released. I never knew that “Paris” from Lycanthropy would become such an anthem for my crowd.