Paul McCartney Goes EDM, End Times Imminent Etc.

Are you sitting down? We’ve got a new entry for Worst Song Of 2013. The Bloody Beetroots, stage name of the Italian electro house producer, has teamed up with Paul McCartney for a new track called ‘Out Of Sight’. Yup, that’s right: Macca’s gone EDM. You can listen to a snippet below but you’ll have to wait till Friday for the full-length version. It begins with classic galloping drum pads and apocalyptic chords before the ex-Beatle chimes in over keys that recall ‘Maybe I’m Amazed’. “I said I loved you,” he sings, before something that sounds like “ooohhh my hiiiide.” The problem here? Macca’s voice sounds so dated and out of place, like a fish at the top of Everest. Skrillex, your crown is safe.

Let us know what you think.