Paul McCartney Returned To Japan This Week To Make Beatles History – Watch What Happened

After 49 years, Paul McCartney returned to Tokyo’s Budokan venue this week. Almost half a century after he played an iconic gig there with The Beatles, he marked the special comeback by airing a song his old man never performed live, ‘Another Girl’ from the ‘Help!’ album.

NME has an exclusive footage from the show, which shows the big man in action, with live clips of Macca’s renditions of ‘Can’t Buy Me Love’ and his solo song ‘Save Us’ from 2013’s ‘New’ album. It also features emotive interviews with his dedicated Japanese fanbase, including a giddy chat with a woman who attended the Budokan Beatles gig in the 1960s after bunking off school. Watch the clip below.

The return to the Budokan was originally set for 2014, but the gig was postponed after McCartney fell ill. When he finally did arrive back in Japan in mid-April, he was greeted with a heroes welcome, and you get an insight into the rapturous reception in the film.

“It was sensational and quite emotional remembering the first time and then experiencing this fantastic audience tonight,” said Macca straight after the show. “It was thrilling for us and we think it was probably the best show we did in Japan and it was great to be doing the Budokan 49 years later. It was crazy. We loved it.”