Paul Weller, ‘Wake Up The Nation’ – What Do You Think?

Paul Weller’s tenth solo album hits the shops today – and it’s already built up an impressive head of steam, critically speaking.

Our own Matt Wilkinson gives ‘Wake Up The Nation’ 8 out of 10, proclaiming it “Weller’s most personal record in years, possibly ever”.

David Cavanagh in Uncut awards it four stars, concluding: “[Weller] is now officially on a hot streak.”

The view that Weller is at last indulging his experimental side is echoed by both Alexis Petridis in The Guardian, and the BBC‘s Chris Lo.

One of the few dissenting voices belongs to Dom Gourlay, writing for Drowned In Sound, who calls the album a “bovine test of endurance.”

But what do you think? Have you heard the album yet? If so, what do you make of it?