Peep Show’s Finale: Was It A Fitting Ending For Such A Great British Sitcom?

Warning: contains all the spoilers

And so it came to be, that after 12 years, 54 episodes and a couple of pint glasses full of piss, Peep Show – almost certainly the greatest British sitcom of this millennium – came to an end.

Titled ‘Are We Going To Be Alright?’ the final episode was good, but was it good enough? After the series high point of episode three and its insane dinner party, it had plenty to live up to.

Seeing as the only reason the show is finishing is because its stars have simply become to old to portray 30-something loser flat-sharers, the episode’s premise was fitting; eternal teenager Jeremy’s 40th birthday. “I’m going to make Jeremy turn 40, whether he likes it or not,” says the voice inside Mark’s head as he attempts to buy a plainly worded birthday banner from a grim looking copy shop. Cut to Jeremy making himself a semi-healthy sprout sandwich washed down with the previously mentioned pint of piss in a half-arsed, perverse attempt to order to tap into some urine soaked fountain of eternal youth.


Alongside all this was Jeremy’s good-natured but essentially mental – and not to mention illegal – plan to win Mark the love of his married crush, April. Spurring him on to stalk her alongside Super Hans – who offers perhaps the greatest piece of advice when it comes to pursuing the object of your romantic intentions “Norwich are never going to win the league, but they still turn up every week, the pricks” – Mark chases April down the high street and professes his love, while unbeknownst to him, Jeremy the “love butler” kidnaps her husband Angus. “There’s always a dark side to love,” reasons Jeremy later. “Someone’s always going to get a little bit kidnapped.”

Before Mark susses what’s happened however, he gets to shag April in a toilet – again! – and manages to take Angus’ place on a cruise around the Greek Islands. But of course, this is Peep Show – did you honestly think anyone was going to end up happy? Peep Show is built on mediocrity and misery, and so, this is how we leave Mark Corrigan and Jeremy Usbourne.

So Jeremy gets dumped by his boyfriend for his inability to rave for weeks at a time. Super Hans’ wife leaves him. And Mark emphatically does not get the girl, as April leaves the party with her husband Angus. “Who could have predicted that falsely imprisoning a love rival would turn out so badly,” gasps Mark.

After casually discussing the ways in which they’d kill each other, we find the El Dude brothers in much the same way we found them in 2003 – slumped in front of the telly in a crummy Croydon living room. A rare non-point of view shot of the two hammers home the fact that it is really is the end.

Now where did we put our series 1-8 boxsets?