Peep Show – The 5 Best Clips From British TV’s Best Comedy Series

Ten o’clock tonight sees the start of ‘Peep Show’ series six on Channel 4 – exciting stuff! I can’t remember a modern British comedy series that’s remained as fresh and still funny as far down the line. This time round, I’m wondering whether Jez and Super Hans will ever get their band off the ground? Whether Mark and Dobby will get it together? And, as ever, whether Johnson will steal every scene he’s given. He probably will.

All of which has got the NME office thinking about our favourite ‘Peep Show’ moments to date. Mark’s racist friend? Jez eating BBQ-ed dog? Dobby and Mark in the ‘fuck bunker’? Jez sleeping with Mark’s sister? Mark forever thinking about Johnson’s cock? Here’s a selection of my favourite bits from the selection of clips hosted by Youtube. Please do leave your favourite bits below…


1) “Socks before, or after trousers, but never socks before pants, that’s the rule. Makes a man look scary. Like a chicken…”

2) “So, a candle stuck in a wine bottle apparently doesn’t cut it anymore. Now for a special night you have to have class A drugs and… fisting.”

3) “He hasn’t got a girlfriend so he buys a new sofa. You can’t fuck a sofa, mate, take it from me.”

4) “Relax, stop worrying about the muggers and their free calls – I’m getting sexy!”

5) “That’s terrible. My Gran died of cancer. But hopefully your sister won’t.”


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