Peep Show’s Super Hans On Tour: We Spoke To Him About Ketty Beats And Being A Musical Octopus

After smashing it at Glastonbury and Leeds Festivals, Super Hans is heading out on his own headline tour, starting at Queens Social Club in Sheffield on October 13 – scroll down for full dates and ticket details. We spoke to him about what’s in store… Brace yourselves.

What can we expect from your set, Super Hans?
“Big beats. Really big, fuck off beats. And some The Beatles. And Rolling Stones. And a tiny bit of Depeche Mode. But mainly big fuckin’ beats – wearing big fuck off flares, strolling down the street on a sunny Saturday morning going ”Ave a fuckin’ look at me’.”

What tracks and genres are we likely to hear?
“I like to think of myself as a many genre-d beast. A sort of musical octopus. There’s dancey stuff, uplifting stuff, downlifting stuff and a few proper stone-cold classics from the 70s and 80s (and one from the 1840s) which I’ve beefed right up so they rattle your fuckin’ ribcage and make you weep with joy at the same time. Watching me do a set is like watching acid take over a human mind. But it’s a man and some decks doing it, not lysergic acid diethylamide. “


What does Jez think of you branching out on your own?
“Jez who?”

You DJed at Glastonbury earlier this summer, how did you go down?
“Smashed the arse off it. Ask Jarvis Cocker.”

How did you spend the rest of the weekend?
“Collecting rare samples of orchid from the hedgerows around the fringes of Glastonbury and watching the sun come up over the meadows. All that bollocks.”

Who is your DJ inspiration?
“Fatboy from Eastenders. Only joking. He’s fictional and liking a fictional DJ would be fuckin’ mental. Don’t mind that Lauren Laverne lady. Good taste and she’s quite pretty, in a sort of Northern porcelain doll that your nan keeps on the mantelpiece kind of weird way.”

How do you prepare for a DJ set?
“Four cans of Red Stripe and a tiny bit of bugle.”

Calvin Harris, David Guetta, Avicci – do you see these titans of contemporary DJ culture as your contemporaries?
“Well Calvin Harris makes underpants and Avicci’s a perfume but that David Guetta is a massive wand. Did you see him at the Euros? Fuck me, his miming was absolutely all over the shop and not even close to being as good as mine. My contemporaries haven’t even been born yet. You can print that.”


How would you compare your DJing skills to those of, say, Paul Oakenfold or Goldie?
“They still do all that ‘standing at the decks and spinning records’ bullshit. I’m cutting edge man. USB stick in the little hole and fuckin’ wallop! That way I get to have a chat with my audience and have a little dance about. Only joking, I definitely play everything live.”

Your old band wore zoot suits onstage once, what do you like to DJ in?
“I wear a big beautiful black furry coat that’s not made out of animals or anything like that I don’t think. I’ve been compared to Jon Snow when I’m in my getup. Obviously a little bit better looking and not dead. Wait… is he dead? I don’t fuckin’ know, I don’t watch all that medieval bollocks. Saw a bit of it once and a man was having it off with his own sister while a little climbing boy watched from the portcullis or whatever the windows were called back then. Seriously, is that what people are into these days? Fuck me, get out of the house a bit more and come and see me, you twisted bastards. Mental.”

Do any of your experiences with Mark and Jez inspire you as a DJ? Accidentally running to Windsor? Writing a jingle for Gog? Jumping out of a hotel window to chase after a bag of weed sellotaped to a Frisbee? The rental snake?
“I literally do not remember any of these incidents of which you speak.”

Do you get nervous before you play, if so how do you beat the butterflies?

“Nervous? Do I fuck. It’s hardly The Royal Court is it? It’s just me fuckin’ about playing some mental tunes with my two mates Psychopab and The Hombre (who definitely isn’t my drug dealer). If I ever did get butterflies, I would gently catch them in my still-warm palm and then let them go again in a beautiful sunny meadow. Right ladies?”

Be honest, is DJing just a second best option after yours and Jeremy’s repeated musical failures?
“Fuck you.”

As a Croydon resident, do you take any inspiration from dubstep?
“I’m gonna lay this on the line right now. I do not and will not ever play any fuckin’ dubstep…. ever. Or gabba. I hate all that. I will however be laying some big fuck off ketty beats over ‘Here Comes The Sun’ and doing an encore that will make people cry three miles away.”

Super Hans plays:

Sheffield Queens Social Club (October 13)
Newcastle Riverside (14)
Leeds The Wardrobe (15)
York Fibbers (16)
Brighton Concorde 2 (18)
Birmingham Hare and Hounds (20)
London Oval Space (22)
Manchester Gorilla (23)
Liverpool 24 Kitchen Street (25)
Bristol Marble Factory (26)
Stoke On Trent Sugarmill (28)

Tickets go on general sale at 9am on September 13 but you can get access a day early by registering on Super Hans’ website