These people reckon Millie Bobby Brown and young Natalie Portman are the same person

Wait... are they?

Question: are Stranger Things star Millie Bobby Brown and A-list actor Natalie Portman the same person? Answer: almost – almost – certainly not, no.

And yet, and yet – the people of the internet are at least half-convinced that they might be, given the wealth of evidence to be sifted from the online flotsam. There are times when, sure, you would swear you’re simply looking at pictures of two different young women with very short brown hair. There are other collections of photos, though, that will crack your tiny mind in two and cause you to question the very fabric of reality itself.

Like, yeah, they look similar with the same distinctive haircut

But, holy moly, things get weird when you look into this…


… it really does seem that they’re mighty morphin’ sci-fi actors

And this candid footage of the two actor meeting for the first time seems to confirm it

A theme that @millielovely took to its natural conclusion

Meanwhile, @devivousjourney has unearthed a similarly chilling revelation

Have we entered the Upside Down, the parallel universe featured in Stranger Things? Is this proof, as some have sensibly claimed, of shadowy Illuminati cloning in Hollywood? Hard to argue with evidence when it’s this compelling, isn’t it? Fans are already calling for Millie Bobby Brown to be cast in one – any! – of the upcoming Star Wars movies, as Natalie Portman was in the late ’90s, early noughties prequels.


But will Hollywood be too spooked at having their cloning practises exposed to deliver the goods?