These people sharing their first festival experiences will make you feel old and nostalgic

Festival season is well and truly upon us, meaning it’s that time of the year where plans are made, wellies are donned and too much fun is had.

Most seasoned festival-goers know the drill by this point: you will lose phone battery at one point and spend hours looking for familiar faces among the crowds. You will buy and then drop a noodle-based dish. You will miss at least one of the three bands you said you were bought the tickets to see.

Yet summer also sees many going to their first ever festival. With fests like Parklife and Download taking place over the weekend, many took to Twitter to report back on their first experiences. It’s a whole new world of opportunity and their discoveries will make you feel very nostalgic about your early and formative festivals.


Some were starting very young:


It wasn’t just the youngsters, though. There were some vintage first-timers too:

And can we also spare a thought for the parents sending their kids off to their first festivals?

Festivals can be a great place to be, and sometimes things go entirely to plan…

Sometimes, though, they go downhill:

There are a few things that novices need to know before they go – like when it comes to putting up your tent, do think before you pitch:

Also, always pack more clothes than you think you’ll need. You’ll definitely be wanting that spare jumper when the headliners take to the stage.

And definitely don’t forget the sun cream:

Honestly, sometimes festivals can feel more like an endurance test:

Mostly though, festivals are a great place for encountering like-minded companions:

And experiencing music like you never have before:

But if you end up in the pit or stage-diving, do take care of yourselves and others.

Another thing to remember is that no matter the time of day, the dance tent will always be going strong:

And you’ll need some time to recover afterwards:

All this first festival talk made some feel rather old:

But whether it’s your first festival, your second or 1,033rd – here’s to your next one. This guy is definitely excited:


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