Performance & Kiss In Cities – Two Free MP3s

There’s definitely something rumbling in Manchester at the moment. No sooner had I got off the phone with the city’s Egyptian Hip Hop, who just sent me their forthcoming double A-side (which is amazing), than these two tracks dropped in the inbox. Looks like the place is gradually shaking off that prolonged bout of Courteeneritis.

Performance are a polished pop proposition, crafting big hooks for woozy dancefloors like it’s 1989.


Take singer Joe Stretch out of the threesome and you’re left with Kiss In Cities, who take the glossy pop factor to the nth degree, although in this case we’re talking Teena Marie rather than Jedward. Or as Discodust pointed out some kind of Cyndi Lauper / Alphabeat hybrid. Or early Whitney. Or – you get the idea.

Kiss In Cities

Download Performance‘s Reptile here
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Download Kiss In CitiesU R My Girl here
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