‘Pet Sematary’: release date, trailer, cast, and everything we know so far

A master of horror and dramatic tension, it’s no surprise that so many of Stephen King’s novels have been adapted for the big screen. His classic Pet Sematary is the next to arrive in cinemas as it and its afterlife-evading creatures get the reboot treatment this spring. Here’s everything we know about the new movie so far.

When’s it out?

Get ready to be scared witless by undead pets on April 5. 

Who’s in it?

It’s not an all-star cast but you might recognise some of the faces in it. Jason Clarke (Zero Dark Thirty, First Man) plays Louis Creed, the head of the Creed family. Amy Seimetz (The Killing, Stranger Things) plays his wife, Rachel, while Jeté Laurence (Younger, The Americans) and newcomer child actor Hugo Lavoie play their kids, Ellie and Gage. John Lithgow, meanwhile, will appear as Jud Crandall, the friendly elderly neighbour who fills Louis in about the pet cemetery near the Creeds’ new house.

Isn’t there already a Pet Sematary film?


Yep, Stephen King’s novel was previously adapted into a movie in 1989. That version stayed pretty faithful to the book and featured a demonic looking grey cat as its terrifying harbinger of evil.

What’s the plot?

The Creed family move to the small town of Ludlow, where death becomes a big part of their lives. When family cat Church is run over and killed, neighbour Jud takes dad Louis to a nearby pet “sematary”, where the town’s children bury their dead pets. But the pair go beyond the kids’ cemetery to an ancient burial ground, where Church is resurrected. Months later, eight-year-old Ellie is run over by a truck and Louis revisits the burial ground in the hopes of bringing back his daughter. He soon finds out though that, as Jud says in the trailer, sometimes dead is better.

Is there a trailer?

We’ve got two so far. The first is full of jumpy moments and sets up the woods neighbouring the Creeds’ house as somewhere you wouldn’t want to visit.

The latest trailer gives more of an in-depth look at the plot, from Ellie discovering the pet cemetery to Jud explaining what exists deep in the woods. We also get a look at the evil that’s unleashed once Ellie is resurrected.


How does it differ from the book and the other film?

A little. While the main plot is the same, the team behind the film have made some key changes. Previously, it was two-year-old Gage who got killed by a truck. Now, his older sister Ellie is the unfortunate victim. Co-director Dennis Widmyer told Entertainment Weekly of the decision: “There was something about an eight-year-old and the psychology that she would have. She would understand what happened to her on the road. She would understand that she’s dead. She would know how to not only physically kill a person, but psychologically destroy them as well. It just gave another layer to it.”

Who’s directing it?

Kevin Kölsch and Dennis Widmyer will co-direct the film. The pair have worked together on several projects in the past, including three episodes of Scream: The TV Series and films like Starry Eyes and Absence.