Peter Bjorn & John Play L.A.’s House-Party Circuit

On Saturday, January 29, Peter Born & John hit Los Angeles to play two secret house parties, to preview their upcoming album ‘Gimme Some’, sponsored by the fine folks over at the FYF Fest. Announced at the last minute via FYF’s Twitter page, the private, 50-capacity gigs took place at 8:30pm in a fan’s garage in Orange County, and at midnight at a six-floor-walkup downtown loft.

The cheap BYOB hooch was flowing, as were the top pop tunes of PB&J, who’re still trying to establish themselves in the States as being more than just “that whistling band.” (Note: They did not play ‘Young Folks’ at these FYF house parties, though the diehards in attendance didn’t seem to mind.)

If you missed partying with PB&J, check out the videos below: