Watch Peter Crouch Reinvent The Rules Of Dancing At A Club In Ibiza

Stoke City striker Peter Crouch is renowned for dancing the Robot to celebrate scoring a hat-trick and helping the England football team to victory over Jamaica in 2006. It was a justifiably celebrated dance, remarkable in its restraint and control, an understated and stylish set of moves that won him the ultimate accolade: a role in a Virgin Media advert.

Like all great artists, though, Crouchy is loathe to be pigeon-holed. Try and the put the man in a box and he will dance out of like he’s having the best time of his entire life at a club in Ibiza. And footage has emerged of Peter Crouch doing just that. The dance he is dancing in the clip below is so far removed from the Robot that it’s almost impossible to think this is the same footballer who won the hearts of a nation with such a precise and calculated routine in 2006.

This is free dance, experimental dance. It’s the kind dance you imagine people were doing when they first heard Sonic Youth play at the White Columns gallery in New York in 1981. No self-consciousness, no overthinking. Just living in the moment, man.

Peter Crouch is a tall dude, no doubt. Yet here he appears taller than his six feet, seven inches. Here he appears as a giant of modern experimental dance, towering above his peers. He’s the Kanye West of dancing at a shit club in Ibiza, rewriting the rules at will. May Peter Crouch ride that ultra light beam for evermore.