Peter Murphy, ‘I Spit Roses’ – Free MP3

Peter Murphy has come quite a long way since he began making music with his goth-rock band Bauhaus in the late ’70s. A lengthy solo career, a big move to Istanbul and an appearance in Twilight (yes, Twilight), he’s still doing what he loves best.

Peter Murphy

Murphy’s ninth solo album, aptly titled ‘Ninth’, will be available on July 4th via Nettwerk Records, but we’ve got the first single to give away for free, exclusively on

The track’s called ‘I Spit Roses’, and to be frank, I haven’t got the slightest clue what that means. But it sounds like classic, gloomy Bauhaus, so I’ll welcome it with open ears.

The Smashing Pumpkins-esque promo video that just dropped yesterday is also quite extraordinary. Watch the beautifully animated video to see an octopus save the singer’s life.

Download ‘I Spit Roses’ here

What do you think of Peter Murphy’s new single?