Peter Serafinowicz’s Music Videos Of 2012

The comedian, actor and video director on the year’s best promos

1Psy – ‘Gangnam Style’

This is the greatest music video of all time and may never be bettered. It’s perfect and I will never tire of watching it. South Korean pop star Psy wrote the
song, directed the video and even choreographed it. He’s a genius!

Directed by: Psy


YouTube views (all at time of writing): 930,096,039

2Dena – ‘Cash, Diamond Rings, Swimming Pools’

A great track with a video that owes a lot to MIA, but is definitely its own thing. I love that the video is set in a spirit-crushingly dull east European market.

Directed by: Bontchev & Burchardi

YouTube views: 408,713


3LV And Okmalumkoolkat – ‘Sebenza’

LV are amazing producers and this vid featuring Okmalumkoolkat is a window into some strange Johannesburg stock-car racing subculture. Not the flashiest video ever, but it stands repeated views.

Directed by: Chris Saunders

YouTube views: 88,502

4Justice – ‘New Lands’

I’ve no idea how they made this masterpiece – especially knowing the limited budgets music videos usually get. It’s like a feature film about a futuristic sport which is a hybrid of American football, motorcycling and hockey, with robots and sinister old men thrown in too. Astonishing.

Directed by: Canada

YouTube views: 478,004

5The Death Set – ‘They Comes To Get Us’

This was made for practically nothing and is full of brilliant ideas and images. It obviously took some poor guy weeks in front of an ageing PC. I love it.

Directed by: Guillaume Panariello

YouTube views: 221,308

6Woodkid – ‘Run Boy Run’

Woodkid makes his own videos and does all the special effects himself. He’s incredible. The song is unlike anything I’ve heard, and the video, which is basically a kid running with an army of monsters, is one of the greatest things I’ve ever seen.

Directed by: Yoann Lemoine

YouTube views: 3,150,776