Phoenix, The National, Ted Leo And The Pharmacists, Fall Out Boy – 10 Best Free MP3 Downloads This Week

Here’s a round-up of the ten best free downloads you can find elsewhere on the internet this week.

Phoenix —‘Lisztomania (Live)’
Phoenix have just released eight live from Sydney free MP3 downloads on their website, and this is one of the lucky ones to make the cut. So go download the songs, sing along with the crowd, and pretend you’re moshing at a gig in Sydney.



The National —‘Bloodbuzz Ohio’
The anticipation is building for the May release of High Violet, the Brookyln band’s fifth studio album. After giving us a taste of it with their performance of ‘Terrible Love’ on the Jimmy Fallon Show a few weeks back, The National have now made the ever-so-addictive ‘Bloodbuzz Ohio’, as well as the new album artwork, available for download.


Jaill —‘Always Wrong’
A hot act that came out of the new music madness that is South By Southwest, these Milwaukee rockers mix a bit of garage grunge with some psychedelic flare.

Mountain Man —‘Animal Tracks’
Even if you’re not a country music fan, this soft, twangy ballad about love and nature that appreciates the beauty of the woods, down to “the bright baby eyes of a chickadee” will make you feel blissfully warm inside.

Fall Out Boy feat. Kanye West, Travis McCoy, Lupe Fiasco, Paul Wall, Skinhead Rob, Tyga, and Lil Wayne —‘Arms Race (Remix)’
Despite Fall Out Boy recently announcing an ‘indefinite break’, one of the band’s biggest hits is still making rounds amongst blogs Web-wide. This star-studded remix is certainly worth a download, whether or not you even like the original song.

Fall Out Boy

Scuba —‘So You Think You’re Special’
Repetitive and slow-moving beats with airy female vocals: all the ingredients for a great new track from the same dubstep man who started the label Hotflush Recordings back in 2003.

The Hidden Cameras —‘Underage (Holy Fuck Remix)’
The only thing that could possibly make The Hidden Cameras’ ‘Underage’ more fun is giving it to Holy Fuck to mess around with. And while you’re at it, take a few minutes to watch the band play around with face paint in the original music video.

The Splinters —‘Dark Shades’
There seems to have been a shortage of girl rock bands lately, so it’s about time for them to make a comeback. Here we have The Splinters, a band that includes two former members of a Misfits cover band, the Skullfuckers. Obviously, they know how to rock.

Ted Leo and the Pharmacists —‘The Mighty Sparrow’
Off of the band’s sixth and latest album ‘The Brutalist Bricks’, this song proves that Ted Leo certainly can rock out, while holding onto his certain nerdish charm. They’ve also just released a video for the track, which you can watch here.
Ted Leo

Blitzen Trapper —‘Heaven and Earth’
The band’s next album ‘Destroyer of the Void’ won’t be released until June, but here’s a sneak peak of what’s to come: a stripped down track sounding astoundingly like Bob Dylan. We’re digging the band’s newfound simplicity.