Pink Floyd Rarities – See A New Video From The Band’s Upcoming Early Years Collection

It’s been just over a month since Pink Floyd announced a huge new box set of their early recordings, helpfully titled ‘The Early Years 1965-1972’, and released on November 11. It contains 27 discs, 130 tracks, and a load of video content too: 15 hours of it, in fact, to go on top of the 12 hours of audio. As well as rare concert footage and feature films, it contains rarities like the below video, for ‘Grantchester Meadows’. The Roger Waters song was originally a solo piece on the band’s 1969 double album ‘Ummagumma’, but this rare audio footage captures a group performance of the song that was taped for BBC radio in May 1969.

On acoustic guitar and vocals you can hear Waters and Dave Gilmour, with piano from Roger Waters, and songbirds which the band had taped. It’s a celebration of the English countryside – specifically of Grantchester, a village close to Cambridge. Alongside the audio is a mix of archive performance footage from 1970 and some 2016 natural footage shot by Nick Edwards that brings the whole thing to life. It’s just a taste of what’s to come on the box set for Pink Floyd fans – who, incidentally, are probably all at the V&A today taking photos of the flying pig that today heralds 2017’s massive Pink Floyd exhibition.