Pinkunoizu, ‘Time Is Like A Melody’ – Free MP3

Congrats to the Full Time Hobby gang on the newest addition to their family: Pinkunoizu (apparently it’s the Japanese word for “pink noise”). They’re not from Japan, though. The four-piece are actually based out of Copenhagen – but they are partially inspired by ’60s Asian pop.

Their mission statement might not make much sense (“To never come full circle. To move hazily in bended ellipses. To bow the line and play it like a fiddle. To shoot it like an arrow. To climb the razorblade pyramid. To collect the cubic rubble from the ruins of tradition and put it together anew”), but the Fleet Foxes-y harmonies certainly speak to us in a way we can all understand.

Check out their new tune, ‘Time Is Like A Melody’, below (and if you like it, download it for free via the Soundcloud widget). This song is the first to be taken from the band’s forthcoming three-track ‘Peep’ EP (out this November), with an anticipated debut album release set for some time next year.