Place Your Bets – Who Will Headline Glastonbury 2013?

The Glastonbury rumour mill turns steadily all year – even when the festival’s taking a breather – but it went haywire at the weekend when the Sunday Mirror reported The Rolling Stones would headline in 2013, marking their 50th anniversary and apparent farewell with a grand last hurrah in the Pilton mud.


The Stones have been rumoured for years but it always seemed as if their stratospheric demands would consign that dream to the Glasto landfill. And so it seems again. The band’s representatives soon quashed the gossip, and the Glastonbury press office denied any conversations had taken place.

So no Stones then. Probably. But to mark this year’s phantom festival, it’s time to fire up the speculation-o-meter and work out who will be headlining next year. You can help too. Let us know your suggestions – the most convincing will appear in the magazine next week.

Princely sums

A persistent rumour is of course Prince. The pixel-sized purple pompatus is always linked with the festival, and when he played Hop Farm last year he complained Glastonbury use his name to sell tickets. Maybe not then, but if the price is right…

After filling the Park beyond capacity last June, Radiohead have obviously lost none of their allure – no matter how hard they try. By 2013 it’ll be 10 years since they last headlined. They like the number 10 too. And what about The Stone Roses? As we went to press, they were still together.

“Here’s another one from our new album…”

You have to look at the album-tour-album cycle too. Who’s going to have something new to promote in 2013? And who’s going to be rolling into town with a well-rehearsed live set?

The next year or so will see new music and/or tours from Mumford & Sons, The Killers, Dizzee Rascal, Arcade Fire, La Roux, The xx, Vampire Weekend and, of course, Example. And he’s already on the treadmill, but Jack White would be good too.

Coming straight out of Left Field

Sometimes you have no idea what’s coming – I mean, Michael Eavis wanted Adele to headline for a start – so don’t forget the likes of Lady Gaga, Rihanna and One Direction. Oh, and who knows, The Smiths could be back together by the next summer solstice.