Plan B Speaks Up – Inside This Week’s NME

In this week’s NME, Plan B hangs up the soul suit and returns to his scouring social hip-hop roots with the exhilarating, angry ‘ill Manors’. We get schooled about “destroying the machine” and why David Cameron’s a very bad word indeed from Ben Drew himself.

Get all the info on our favourite finds from Austin’s South By Southwest new music festival in a Radar special. Hell, splash out on a bottle of fake tan, you could pretty much pretend you were there.

There’s more rage boiling over in the burgeoning DIY punk scene that’s tearing up Cornwall in the form of bands such as Veils, Croscus, Comeback Kid and Kasa – West Punkry? Riff’s Up? We’ll let you call it whatever you want, just check out these amazing photos.


If you feel you need to hide in a dark room to get away from all that ire, you could do worse than join us on our trip into the belly of the disused bank HQ of emperimentalist London five-piece, Breton. There’s gold in them there vaults, but sadly it’s just the musical kind.

Plus we review the latest releases from Graham Coxon and The Futureheads, and we check out Odd Future’s live show in Toronto.

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