Plan B’s Message To The Rioters

Plan B released an audio message to all the kids causing destruction across the UK this week. Here’s his stream-of-consciousness thoughts on the whole affair in its entirity. Hear it here.

“I can’t give material things back to the general public as a way of giving something back for the success that I’ve achieved, because I don’t have enough to give to everybody and if I even attempted to I’d be a poor man. I’d be doing this all for nothing. But you know I deserve the things I have because I work hard for them. Kids on the street aren’t gonna see that, they’re just gonna see that I got more money than them and they’re gonna feel like they deserve to take it. The real thing that’s gonna help these kids is some knowledge, some education about how to live. What’s the point of going and getting arrested and put in jail for a pair of new trainers?

Kids nicking useless stuff

The kind of places that we’re attacking, that these kids are attacking, they’re like retail shops like LIDL, where you broke into LIDL because you wanted to get some frozen food, like frozen pizza or some shit for free, or whatever the fuck you broke into LIDL for. You’re gonna do time for that shit, you’re gonna do time for it and that is just some stupid arse fucking bullshit.

You’ve got people like me who are trying to change the way that middle England looks at the underclass, have a bit more compassion for them with my manners and other projects and just shit that I generally stand for when it comes to the underclass. I mean, how the fuck can I stand up for that anymore? And no-one’s gonna have any sympathy for these guys no more, they’re just ruining good work that people are trying to do within the community to change things. I dunno man.

rioting twats

It’s fucked up and it’s scary because you know they’re not attacking the government. If this is about high taxes and things costing too much money in this country, why the fuck are you attacking the working class? The retail shops? I mean some of them are big companies, corporate companies, I get that… but Greggs bakery for fuck’s sake? You know what I mean, this is all just an excuse, it’s an excuse for young angry kids to just take their anger out and that’s still shit. That might be because of the way the government and this country, us as a society, us as a nation, have treated the underclass. We’ve not given them the support they need and so they’re doing this.

I don’t think they’re doing it out of anger towards the government, I don’t think they’re smart enough to even realise that that could be an excuse. I think they’re doing it because they wanna get some free shit because they ain’t got shit and they’re angry at that. They’re angry at not being able to buy the things they wanna buy, because they can’t integrate into society properly, so they feel stuck and alone: criminal records, no future in a white man’s world. So fuck it, everybody’s out in the street rioting, everybody’s looting, lets fucking do the same it’s a thrill and a buzz and we get some free shit out of it, that’s what they’re thinking. But it’s madness because people are gonna get hurt and they’re fucking up this country’s economy.


Think about all the insurance companies that are gonna go bust now, that means banks are gonna go bust. I don’t know, maybe I don’t what the fuck I’m talking about but I’m sure some chain reaction’s gonna happen. And so why? To make everybody as poor as them? Again, they’re not even thinking about that man, that’s not in their head – they’re not even conscious of that. I mean would they like to live in a world where everyone was fucking poor and everyone was selling crack and everybody’s mum was on crack? You know what I mean? Then there’s no way out.

At least before, there was always a way out if you could see a way out of the working order underclass environment, the estates. If you could see a way out it was there. So what are these riots in aid of? If it makes everybody poor then there’s no way out there’s no other option, you know. The thing is, every kid that sells crack or robs another kid or commits a violent crime, they always have a choice you know.

Right now they’re trying to, maybe they don’t even know they’re trying to but they are going to, change all that shit. If people keep on fucking doing this shit and fuck up our economy and shit, that’s the way it’s gonna go, like communism, poverty, everyone’s poor.

It won’t go like that, of course not. Things always pick up but we’re as a nation gonna be very weak. We’ve already got all our troops overseas, we’ve got a lack of police. You know what I mean we’re sitting ducks, we’re a fucking target for any terrorist that wants to hit us now, we’re at our weakest. I think it’s fucked up man.

Anyway, that’s all I wanted to say cause I felt it needed to be said. That’s it. I’m Plan B.”


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